4 Best ways to enhance Instagram engagement!

Best ways to enhance Instagram engagement!

You’re a social media influencer, marketers or simply want to improve your online profile. There are chances you must think about Instagram engagement. It’s the reason Instagram is the best place in this modern time to get more attention on social media.

Here are some important factors to measure Instagram performance.

  1. Instagram Followers:

It’s fact size always matters, but when we come to Instagram. It doesn’t define your success on Instagram. There are so many micro-influencers who have as few as 2000 followers. They don’t have a huge number of followings, because they know who are their followers and what are they interested in.

When measuring the success on Instagram instead of look at followers’ rate, it’s better to analyses the data through good tools to find why they obsessed to follow you.

  1. IG Likes:

Likes are the simplest form of engagement to your content. It’s a straightforward way to measure the success of your post on Instagram, remains silent to double tap on your post to like the post. It is the fastest way to understand the attention of the audience.

  1. IG Comments:

Likes are the measurable form of your post. Comments can give us more information about the post, did it perform well or not. It’s very important when people get time from the busy schedule and comment on your post. It tells about the loyalty and commitment to your products.

When they think about your product before writing the review, shows your audience is highly engaged with your products. Emojis or thumbs up can’t properly define the engagement.


Comments are the way to know the interest of your followers in your content. Shares and Reposts are the way to know the will of your followers to connected with you. This is important if you want followers as an agent of brand. Every single share of the post is like a mini organic ad. You want it at any cost. It increases the engagement rates of your Instagram. It will be led to success in the online world.

Here are 4 methods for more Instagram attention

Be Regular:

This is a big challenge to attract people to return your post to engage with it. A better way to get targeted followers and keep them entertained with the post daily. It will show the commitment to people with the brand.

There is nothing more important, someone spend time to create content and post it daily. People will come to you automatically, that is beneficial for your success rate. If you will not post content daily audience will move to other brands.

When you will post daily, your followers will attach with you and come to see your brand by their self. It will create loyal relations between you and the followers. That is very important to get success in the online world.

Be aware of followers’ faintness:

Being passionate and excited about your work is good. It can be a headache for followers to being over-excited. Don’t make urgency for the viewers in every post. Followers will understand your post has nothing except being urgent. It will affect your reputation in the online platform

It will have the opposite effect. If you are a social media influencer, it’s part of your work to provide information to the followers about various products, brands, fashion or help them to select the best decision.

When you are not sure to find fatigue for the followers, you must check your unfollowing counts and unsubscribe emails. It will help you to understand the matter. You will get through all changes.

Be Genuine:

You can be anything like creative, smart and hilarious, but nothing can compete with genuine. If you show yourself, this is true of your photos, videos and captions. You want to show your fans genuine content that shows them the value of your brand. Be different but in a funny style, if you show sometimes background of real content like video or image. People will comment on them and it can be more connective with the followers and brand. It will build a strong bond to get more attention. Tag your followers in which they repost you. By creating different and reliable content build a connection with followers and it is more important.

Discover Instagram video features:

It is a prediction of Zenith media agency that spend much of the time watching online content and video, about 84 minutes in a day. This is a big chance to get more attention if you are not using this feature, it’s a mistake.

You don’t have to declare the benefit and trend of online video content. Instagram knows social media influencer will use various kind of content length and formats. When you use the live video feature, it will be easy to show new products or services. Instagram introduces a new feature that is ideal for long-form.


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